Finally, the Sun Is Out!

By Alexander Mervar

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The sun is out and it's time to enjoy beautiful summer.  Recently, we've seen the power of social media on Instagram and we are so excited to share with you some exciting developments that show you why you should use Instagram to promote your personal and commercial brand.

  1. Instagram Is Killing Snapchat

    • As you may know, Facebook is trying to crush Snapchat by using Instagram as it's weapon.  Back in 2016 Instagram adopted Snapchat's signature feature, stories.  Now, there are over 42 million more people on Instagram stories alone.  This led to Snapchat losing money while Facebook and Instagram raked in millions.  This means that now is the time to capitalize on the growth of Instagram as more and more people join its userbase.

  2. Instagram Is so Easy to Use

    • The increase in users is no surprise when you see how easy it is to understand Instagram's UI.  The UI is so clean and fresh that it looks like your hair after a haircut.  Forget your worries about your parents following you on Facebook.  Soon, your parents will be on Instagram too.
  3. Instagram Listens to Its Users

    • Okay, this one is just a personal observation.  Instagram knows how to treat its users.  The company listens to feedback and usually within a small period of time, whatever problem that arrived was fixed.  Instagram adds new features like stories and better ways to explore and discover other accounts on Instagram.  But Snapchat does none of this.  Instead, they give us a map of where all our friends are, which I have to admit is a little creepy at times.  We never asked for that!  We asked for the ability to discover new accounts on Snapchat.  Did we ever get that?  No!  I believe if Snapchat is ever going to stay alive. It MUST listen to its users and adapt to their needs and wants.
  4. Instagram Live

    • Have you ever wanted to communicate with your fanbase/customers in real time?  Instagram Live.  Have you ever wanted to share an experience with your audience that wasn't really going to fit in some photos or a story?  Instagram Live.  Have you ever wanted to demonstrate a product to potentially millions of people? Instagram Live.  I cannot say it enough, Instagram Live will be the future and companies must work on strategies with their marketing teams to begin preparing for this future.

P.S. How do you like the new website design and domain?  Much better am I right‽