From Here to Human-Level Artificial General Intelligence in Four (Not All That) Simple Steps

By: Alexander Mervar

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Ben Goertzel, the man who introduced the term of “artificial general intelligence” looks at the current landscape of AI and how it’s narrow tools have not reached the general purposes that he and many others have envisioned. This observation prompts his question for the piece, “what do we need to do to get from today’s narrow AI tools, which have become mainstream in business and society, to the AGI envisioned by futurists and science fiction authors?” Mr. Goertzel addresses the fact that the pathway to AGI has yet to be established. At the current moment, “..there may be many viable paths to AGI, some of which are more biologically inspired than others.” When Goertzel observes this reality, he makes a very academic statement that shares, “ the Wright brothers, today’s AGI pioneers are proceeding largely via experiment and intuition, in part because we don’t yet know enough useful theoretical laws of general intelligence to proceed with AGI engineering in a mainly theory-guided way; the theory of AGI is evolving organically alongside the practice.” Goertzel shares the reality that in order to develop an AGI, there must be synergy between AI agents and their development, which bridges Goertzel to talk about the Atomspace Hypergraph at OpenCog. In addendum, the process of “...using a customized token for exchanging value, can become an overall cognitive economy of minds with an emergent-level intelligence going beyond the intelligence of the individual agents.” is also discussed by Goertzel. This “society of mind”, which was proposed by Marvin Minsky, is another approach to making a synergetic AI system. Goertzel then continues to talk about a bridge between symbolic and subsymbolic AI, whole-organism architecture, and scalable meta-learning. All of these can help point toward a  beneficial general artificial intelligence.


Goertzel’s writing style reflects his expertise on the pathway to artificial general intelligence. Immediately, he shares with the reader the fact that he himself was the founder of the term and uses his mastery of the field and his knowledge of his colleagues to supplement his publication. This builds a larger and more academically dense publication that supplements his talk at AI4REASON, which he mentions in the publication as well.


Paired with his talk at AI4REASON, this publication looks to take a step back and examine the current state of AGI development. This publication allows for the field of AGI to realize where they have been and where they are going. By stating his four general AI steps, Goertzel’s publication points the field in the right direction for further research without acting as a detriment to ideas the development processes that he himself may not be familiar or agree with.