Ethical Issues in Advanced Artificial Intelligence

By: Alexander Mervar

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Nick Bostrom has continued his work on Superintelligence and artificial general intelligence systems for many years. For my final entry, I return to one of Mr. Bostrom’s initial recordings and discussions on superintelligence that predates his book of the same name. Bostrom shares key points of superintelligence being a unique progression in human computational capabilities, superintelligent moral thinking, the importance of initial motivations when developing an AGI system, and completing his argument with how we should be “implementing superintelligence, with great care, as soon as possible.”


Bostrom, a known philosopher, uses most of his logical arguments and theoretical approaches to attach the subject of AGI. At the time of writing this paper, Bostrom did not have a lot to work off of but, with recognition of that fact, his argument is improved and he works in the theoretical with conjoining arguments to beef up the paper with substantial academic gusto.


With the publication of this paper, Bostrom catalyzed the world of AGI development. He brought to life many aspects of the creation of AGI that has continued to be considered to this day. Without this paper, the mindset of AGI development would not be where it is today.