Where Are They? Why I Hope the Search for Extraterrestrial Life Finds Nothing

By: Alexander Mervar

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Nick Bostrom observes the modern day obsession for the search for extraterrestrial lifeforms with an existential outlook. This troubling and comforting piece bring to light the fact that the Fermi Paradox is a necessary worry that needs to be considered by humanity in order to put our eager eyes and ears in check. Bostrom points out that modern 21st century humans dream for the existence of extraterrestrial life but, he notes an existential risk that many are missing. By providing his evidence in a clean and concise manner. This matter-of-fact outlook on the Fermi Paradox and the future of humanity space exploration, adds a valuable piece of commentary to expand and enlighten the mind of many.


Nick Bostrom doesn’t solely present his hypotheses and sudden proclamations without context or the research of others. Instead, Mr. Bostrom uses the observations of Robin Hanson, Carl Sagan, and Frank Tipler. Bostrom points out that we must hope for a future where humanity does not discover other lifeforms offworld in order to maintain the belief that the Great Filter, which was proposed by Robin Hanson, can be found within the past of humanity. If not, it can be derived that humankind faces an existential threat of epic proportions that would most certainly lead to the destruction of our existence.


With the publication of this paper, Mr. Bostrom looks to enlighten the general population of hopeful space explorers. If constant observations in the night sky result in a null hypothesis, humans can find comfort in that particular failure. If there is success, Bostrom looks to prepare our society and existence as we know it for an end that may be very imminent.