Migos Take You Higher

By: Alexander Mervar

American writer, Touré observes the science, lifestyle, and ideologies that surround the massive trap superstars, the Migos. By spending time with the group and interviewing them on their musical process (both past and present), their familial relationships with each other and others, and their fame, Touré analyzes the success of the Migos and adds commentary on their lives. Beginning with Offset, Touré looks into his actual house and how it reflects his persona. Touré does this for every individual Migo in some fashion and then concludes his analysis with a conglomerate piece that is centered around the recording studio.


Touré is able to provide this analysis through firsthand experience and recollection of his time that he had spent with the Migos. Being a proficient member of the musical society, Touré’s observations and reporting on the Migos allows for the construction of a reformed and mature look at what many would consider overly-excessive and repulsive lifestyle that these individuals and their possee dwell within.


By reflecting on Touré’s piece, one can analyze many aspects of a successful modern day rap group to gain nuggets of knowledge concerning the universe of a 21st century musical star(s). Up-and-coming artists can take the recording styles of the Migos to try to recreate that same success that they have experienced. Additionally, one can look that the monetary habits each member has in order to understand the relationship that many must maintain with their family and the innermost desire to give back that provides such powerful meaning in one’s own life.