Backpack Research

By: Alexander Mervar

Backpacks are beautiful things. Without them, many of these blog posts, my adventures in life, and schoolwork would never be realized and completed. In theory, backpacks are easy to understand and the science behind them seems impish in comparison to other noble pursuits. But, do not be fooled by such simple-minded notions. Backpacks are essential to the modern life within the 21st century and their implementation into society has increased societal productivity at an exponential level. In light of this, I’ve devoted the first week of my summer to researching different types of backpacks for individuals. I get it, many of you are leaving school and thus, you don’t want to start thinking of this endeavor before you have to. But, you must realize that backpacks are going to be a tool that you use almost every day. Without proper research and careful attention to detail, you could be making a grave mistake and setting yourself up for failure long before you even step foot into a school, workplace, or any other place a backpack is necessary. Here, I have place a file that is a compilation of all the research I have done thus far. Currently, I’ve only selected backpacks that I know and love and they range from multiple price points. Each column is specifically designed to make it as easy as possible for you to choose what option is best for you. Price points are colored based on where they lie in cost. There is a column for built-in portable batteries for many different gadgets and mobile devices. There is even a couple different color selections to get a feel at what you’d like to see in your bag. As an addendum, I’ve also added a YouTube video and the link for each item at the end of each row, which holds a respective backpack. I hope you all are having a wonderful summer.

P.S. If you would like to help with this backpack research, please tweet at me. Maybe, we can work on something much more than just a couple backpacks. ;)