iPhone 8

By Joseph Hock

If you read one of my previous blogs, you would know I struggled with “Ghost Storage.”  Well,
I went to AT&T and they told me to just restart everything and get rid of all my notes and
everything in my phone. I thought this would take a lot of work and it was too much of a hassle.  So, I took the next step and payed the 30 extra dollars to get the iPhone 8. I have now owned the phone for a day and have noticed considerable differences. Here are some things I’ve noticed are the same and some that are different.

First, the phone is so much faster. But the physical style is just slightly different from the iPhone 6, that in my new case, you can’t tell the difference.  The software is also much like the 6 and only offers new screen and camera upgrades. While exterior upgrades are less noticeable, interior is a different story. The battery lasts twice as long and apple redesigned the way their camera works. These improvements make the phone run much better and it will last longer than the 6. In terms of buying the phone for full price, I wouldn’t recommend it since the phone only offers a few new things and is just an updated version of the iPhone 6. If the price is halfed or less, than this phone is unbelievably worth it. It offers small new features for ease of access in almost everything and is much more enjoyable with a smallest size of 64G. As I explore the phone, I notice more things like the volume being much louder and the new “raise to wake” feature. The phone looks
the same is my old case, giving a “sleeper” look (car term for more on the inside than the outside).  Some people may like new and different phones, but I prefer the look of something old
with a new twist when it comes to phones.

Besides the small new features and advance usage of the phone, I believe the iPhone 8 is the last phone in a series of iPhones with certain features. The iPhone X is the start of the new line, bringing new features, but if you are looking for an amazing phone with better quality than any other before it, then this is your best option for its price range. 

After the week that I have owned this device, My thoughts have settled and I can truly
state facts. The iPhone is very similar to previous models and I personally adjusted to the small
features quickly, making the new device feel as if it is old. Do I regret my purchase in any way?
No. Do I agree with all my old points? I believe I still do. All I am saying is that this device
won’t feel new after a week and you will feel as if you have had it forever.