Tweetbot 4: Functionality and Formality

By Alexander Mervar

Over the course of the past year, I have exponentially increased the time I spend on Twitter.  I had never seriously considered it as a social media platform until the 2016 presidential election, which came at a time when I was deeply interested in the American political system.  At first, Twitter did not seem like anything amazing in February of 2015, when I created my account.  But, once the presidential election started to pick up speed, I was able to commentate and discuss with people in a live public forum instantly!  Once I came to this epiphany, I was hooked.

Twitter instantly became a part of circle of favorite platforms while others like Snapchat, Facebook, etc. died off for me and I left them behind.  Although I enjoyed Twitter's basic social functions, the standard application isn’t the absolute best and most effective way to experience Twitter on a mobile device.  Applications like Tweetbot provide an amazing, customizable, and intuitive platform for an understandable, personalized, and professional Twitter experience.  Juxtaposing Tweetbot, Twitter’s application sometimes feels like a never ending, unorganized, and bland wall of text.  Twitter a great product but, the presentation is unsatisfactory.  Tweetbot provides a solution to these problems.



Visual Presentation:

This app is beautiful.  Although it seems fairly basic, it provides a senses of functionality and productivity without compromising on formality.  So, let’s talk about the functionality.



Tweetbot 4 ($5) is the perfect example of a constantly maturing and growing Twitter client.  Tweetbot provides simple and functional changes that are always appreciated such as landscape support for those who enjoy getting a wider view of tweets, improved iPad functionality, and an informative statistics section within the application.

First, cover about the main landing page.  Within the main Twitter application, there doesn’t seem to be much of a difference.  For some, that’s true.  But, the few changes that the people at Tapbots have done have made a HUGE impact on how I look at the original Twitter application.  



First, if you look at Twitter’s home page, you can see that the comment, retweet, like, and message buttons are at the bottom of every tweet.  Now, I’m not going to interact with EVERY tweet in my feed.  Especially when I follow 2,000 accounts.  So, this feels like wasted screen real estate.  With this recurring under every tweet, it adds up.  Then, once you notice it’s constant intrusion into your feed, it starts to get on your nerves.

Tweetbot fixes many problems like this one by having gesture compatibility.  By swiping on a tweet, a customizable action will trigger.  If you’ve read my Apollo review, you’ll know how much I love this.  Then, by just tapping on the tweet, multiple options are opened up to the user, which allows for the best possible way to get to the interaction you desire the most.  This saves so much time as scrolling through the feed leaves you feeling like you aren’t wasting your time looking at the same interaction buttons throughout the visual experience.

Tweetbot Interactions.PNG

A small feature that I absolutely love is the counter of how many unread tweets remain in the feed.  Although a small feature, I love how it adds another layer of information without hogging visual real estate.

Finally, Tweetbot totally innovates with an improved statistics section within the app.  Here, you are able to see a specific ways people are reacting to every one of your posts.  Daily activity graphs, individualized statistics, and a simplified notification list for a more general overview all provide a sense of control over Twitter and condenses this MASSIVE conglomeration of information into a digestible, presentable, interactive masterpiece.  


There are so many great things in this app!  So, check it out.
- iPad Support (Universal)
- Landscape Support on iPhone and iPad
- New Statistics and Activity View.
- New Column View in Landscape on iPad and the iPhone 6+
- Split View Multi-tasking on iPad
- More Granular Mute Filter Settings
- Quick Reply from Notifications
- Safari View Controller with Support for Content Blockers
- Improved User Profiles
- Improved Status Detail
- Refreshed User Interface
- Many Optimizations Under the Hood