Ghost Storage

By Joseph Hock

I want to write about a world problem, something that may affect you very soon.  This thing is detrimental to the deterioration of our…… phones.  I am talking about “Ghost Storage,” an infamous being that roams the inners of my cellular device.  Ghost storage is more commonly referred to as “MOM, MY PHONE IS BROKEN I CAN’T TAKE PICTURES.”  However, just because you have no storage left, doesn’t mean there is a ghost.

image (1).png

Ghost storage is a problem or glitch on many devices.  This spirit roams on your phone and does nothing except take storage and not give it back.  Your device will not let you download anything or take pictures depending on the degree of ghost and what you already have on your phone. 

On my phone, the ghost consumed over and decided to move in, my phone has 16 Gigabytes, and 1.5 of those are used by me.  The ghost has occupied 14 gigabytes of my phone and I only have space for 2 small apps and text messages.  If you get this glitch, you will know very soon because as soon as you try anything new with your storage, your phone will deny you access.  It’s as if the ghost is binge-watching episodes of “Stranger Things” on Netflix and eating all the candy it can find.  My point here is that the ghost will also slowly start to grow.  With updates like iOS 11, your phone will give the ghost plastic surgery and cut down its Gigabytes down by 2 or 3, but not enough that it won’t grow back.

I am going to explain a few ways that may help to keep your storage down until you can fix it or get a new phone.  There are a few things that I specifically do to keep storage down on my phone, some are just logical and you should do anyway.  First, and probably the most logical is deleting text messages.  Most teenagers do this anyway, but it is important if you notice your phone has no storage left, and a lot of conversations, to delete them.  This not only clears storage but eliminates all chance of your girlfriend finding out you cheated on her.  (That’s a joke everyone, I wasn’t the one who told you to do that.)  Next, you should find a base set of apps that you want, small enough so that you can later get a few small games to play in class when your teacher is boring.  (Again, if anyone asks, this stuff is not coming from me.)  If you have an app you never use, try to get rid of it. 

Now let’s get into the good stuff, like clearing your history.  It may be beneficial for you to clarify what you’ve been looking up, but the main purpose is so all of the data and sites you visited are not saved on your phone.  Also, clearing “cookies” off your phone can significantly help and will lessen the glitch from growing.  The last and definitely the best is Google photo, one of the best applications ever to run on an iPhone.  Google photo takes and puts your pictures into a cloud, so you can delete all your photos without being nervous (don’t forget to delete them from “Recently Deleted”).  If you complete all these things, your storage will stay low enough that you can use your phone in an everyday manner instead of constantly getting low storage notifications.


Now that I’ve cleared that mess up, I can start telling you guys the things that I’ve tried but have unfortunately failed miserably.  First is app cleaners, you can get apps that clear your phone, scary right? And these do clean the inners of your phone, but it’s more of a house cleaner than a police officer to get the ghost out.  Along with this is the settings cleaning, which cleans deeper parts of your phone, but again Mr. ghost stays.  Restarting my phone was the first thing I tried, so you can imagine it didn’t work.  It actually didn’t do anything, it didn’t even clear the stuff it was supposed to.  I moved on to clear it on the computer, restarting it with iTunes on my mac, but even though this did more than the last restart, it still cleared no space up.  My last idea was re-downloading my apps and cleaning them all out, this freed the space that the apps took, but nothing more.  The apps I own do not take storage inside your phone and save it there, so I failed again.  I will keep trying to solve my problem, but the solution may be $1000 and a new iPhone X.  I am going to keep trying but I know of no solution at this point.

I have an idea of where it came from, but I may or may not be true.  It seems to be a glitch in video recording and saving.  This summer I went to the College World Series for baseball and I wanted to vlog the whole trip because we could go anywhere in the whole stadium (even watch games in the room).  I made the choice to vlog this on my phone, a bad idea, and each vlog was shorter but took longer to download and gave more storage updates.  After the trip, I put it all on iCloud, but the other storage remained.  I know it should be on camera and photos, but I believe that when I downloaded the videos, it saved them on my phone.  I have looked very deep into the internet but cannot find any explanation for who, what, when, where, why, and how it even happened.  I will keep everyone posted about this problem every two or three blogs and let you know if I ever find anything.  Have a great day everyone, and I hope you don’t believe in (storage) ghosts.